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Solvent-Free Coating: From Theory to Applications   Ashwini Deshpande,Shirish Deshpande and Ram Gaud

Solvent-Free Coating: From Theory to Applications

216 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Green revolution is a summit discussed at a global level. Today each country has passed a resolution to save environment. As a pharmacist, we often handle different drugs and chemicals to formulate different delivery systems to make the society healthy. We can contribute maximum to save environment. To support the resolution, we applied a novel coating system i.e. solvent-free coating for solid oral formulations to impart varying characteristics to them. Novel solvent-free coating technique was used to coat pellets and was evaluated for different parameters. Results revealed that the novel process is less time consuming as there is no solvent to be evaporated and no additional curing step is required, making the process time & cost effective. With judicious selection of excipients, the same process can be employed for varying interests such as masking the bitter taste of actives, achieving the zero order release pattern of water soluble drugs and improving the dissolution...
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