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Pharmacological investigation of Bacopa monniera- a wonder herb   Kashmira Gohil

Pharmacological investigation of Bacopa monniera- a wonder herb

180 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In recent times, the interest in the use of herbal products and focus on plant research has grown dramatically in the western world as well as in developing countries.Plants have been used as therapeutic regimen for thousands of years,based on experience and folk remedies and continue to draw wide attention for their role in case of mild and chronic diseases. Currently,one such plant and one of the most popular of the neurotonics available in market as alternative therapy is Bacopa monniera (BM),a very commonly and frequently utilized therapeutic herb and evidently considered important for the treatment of CNS related disorders in Ayurveda.The book describes the profile and Pharmacology of the herb in detail. As much information is available on the herb,not much is explored fully yet on the subject of interaction of this herb with various synthetic drugs.This book review various aspects of pharmacology of the plant in order to consolidate clinical and pharmacological aspects of the...
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