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Azima tetracantha Lam.   Nargis Begum

Azima tetracantha Lam.

220 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There is a growing focus on the importance of medicinal plants and traditional health systems in solving the healthcare problems of the world. Because of this awareness, the international trade in plants of medical importance is growing phenomenally, often to the detriment of natural habitat and mother populations in the countries of origin. Most developing countries have viewed traditional medical practice as an integral part of their culture. Inspite of this, traditional health care system suffered a setback during colonial times and lost patronage particularly in urban areas. In rural areas, 90% of the medicines used are of traditional origin. Azima tetracantha known as ‘Mulchangan'' in siddha is a rambling spinous shrub belonging to the family Salvadoraceae. The presence of quadrangular spines at the nodes is considered to be a unique character of this species. The shrub grows widely in most parts of South India, Ceylon, Philippines and in Burma. The ethno...
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