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Scaffold Cell and Drug Delivery   Deepak Garg,Ajay Bilandi and Manesh Kumar Kataria

Scaffold Cell and Drug Delivery

52 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Scaffolds are the central components, which are used to deliver the cells, drug and gene into the body. Polymeric scaffolds may be prepared as typical 3-D porous matrix, nanofibrous matrix, thermo sensitive sol-gel transition hydrogel or porous microsphere, which provide suitable substrate for cell attachment, cell proliferation, differentiated function, and cell Migration. Scaffold matrices have specific advantage over other novel drug delivery systems by achieving high drug loading. The main conclusion of this study is Scaffold provides adequate signals to the cells, to induce and maintain them in their desired differentiation stage and for their survival and growth and their successful utilisation in various fields like bone formation, joint pain inflammation, tumor, periodontal regeneration, In-vivo generation of dental pulp, diabetes, osteochondrogenesis, wound dressing, inhibit bacterial growth, repair of nasal and auricular malformation, cartilage development, regulated...
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