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Self Medication: Merit and De-Merit in community and Retail Pharmacies   Ammar Hussain and Hina Rehman

Self Medication: Merit and De-Merit in community and Retail Pharmacies

124 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Notwithstanding of immense improvements and advancements in the facilities of life, Self-Medication trends increasing day by day leading to, major manifestations of Heath care disorders .It is obvious that not everybody is aware that all potent medicines are also poisons; it is therefore a primary objective of this research work to aware the Health care Authorities to make the public alive to this fact. Contents and discussions with patients and non-medical colleagues have shown that many people outside the medical and paramedical professions would like to know a little more about the common medicines they may obtain without doctor’s orders. This is, however, the ‘jet age’ and there is a ‘jet’ increase in the number of different medicines available; hence, a guide to this medicinal jungle is necessary not only for the lay public but also for paramedical personnel, to prevent us from being ‘rocketed’ to precarious ‘to precarious plants.’ The Retail and Community Pharmacies welcome are...
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