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Microporous Biodegradable Haemostatic Polymeric Sponges   Dr. Rupali Kale,Dr. Amrita Bajaj and Girish Desai

Microporous Biodegradable Haemostatic Polymeric Sponges

108 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Discovery and introduction of Microporous, Biodegradable, Haemostatic Polymeric sponges into the Wound management in the early 1960s have been of great research interest. Numerous researchers around the globe have carried out extensive research on Absorbable Haemostats and this has resulted in some very classical and important developments in such materials. Despite a great number of papers and patents devoted towards development of Advanced Wound Management products, there are only limited number of successfully commercialized technologies of production of Microporous Biodegradable Haemostats as Biomaterials. Absorbable polymeric sponges are Biodegradable haemostats which can be used to prevent bleeding during surgical procedures and are biodegradable without producing any adverse effects.It seems,still there are infinite range of possible applications of such versatile materials for Wound management;thus there remains an everlasting quest to achieve superiority over present wound...
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