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Low Molecular Weight Poly Vinyl Alcohol Microparticles   Manar Alas'ad

Low Molecular Weight Poly Vinyl Alcohol Microparticles

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Low molecular weight (Mw) polyvinyl alcohol(PVA) grades are highly functional synthetic polymer that have been widely used in many of the drug dosage forms, owing to the excellent biological compatibility of these polymers. Using partially hydrolysed grades of low Mw PVA in fabricating pulmonary drug delivery systems is becoming an attractive approach to modify the physicochemical properties of inhalable drug microparticles. The aim of this study was to synthesis partially hydrolysed low Mw PVA grades with amphiphilc properties and to assess their ability to adsorb onto the surface of micronized drug particles in order to control the drug release pattern of hydrophilic medicinal molecule. The physicochemical properties and the biocompatibility of the partially hydrolysed low molecular weight permit PVA to have the potential as carrier for sustained release pulmonary drug delivery.
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