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Ligand conjugated carbon nanotubes and cancer targeting   Avineesh Singh and Ravendra Singh

Ligand conjugated carbon nanotubes and cancer targeting

132 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Carbon nanotubes suggested by scientist, have shown promising behavior to act as drug delivery tool as revealed from the present study. Due to greater storage capability of MWCNTs, they were used for the experiments instead of SWCNTs. Plenty of availability CVD prepared MWCNTs was one of the reason behind using them in the experiments. The drug characterization study was designed with at least two objectives in mind. Firstly, comparison of certain experimentally determined properties of the drug with those reported in Pharmacopoeia would authenticate the drug received as gift sample. Secondly, these preliminary studies of the drug properties would help further during more detailed experimental workup. Present study was planned to unravel the potential of CNTs as efficient controlled drug delivery vehicles and the results indicates the prospects of using CNTs as biomedical tools. These findings pave the way for further enhancing the properties of CNTs in terms of storage capacity,...
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