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Herbs in Mental Health   Neeraj Sethiya,Brahmanand Dube and Shri Hari Mishra

Herbs in Mental Health

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A comprehensive step by step approach for making use of herbs in brain nourishment and metal problems associated with various disease and disorder are the key finding of the current project. Scientific data based on the fact of Natural therapy for various forms of mental illness are incorporated for the purpose of readers. Author examines various literatures and gives an overview about the mechanism for the brain functioning and its relation to other organ, which could be serve as possible target for the finding of possible pathway of brain research by herbs. Readers are given a solid foundation in the procedure associated with complex data analysis and are provided with concrete discussion of the most universal truth and technical solutions related to the research on herbals for mental illness. Throughout the book, the author examines why these multiple approaches are needed and how these will solve different problems associated with the use of particular herb for the formulation....
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