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Development and optimization of press coated tablet of Carvedilol   Rohan Satwara,Parul Patel and Farhatjahan Shaikh

Development and optimization of press coated tablet of Carvedilol

176 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Surveys showed that most of the doctors in many countries were unaware of the chronological behavior of the hypertension and that ultimately decrease chances of the effective treatment of hypertensives patients. Thus, the need is to bring down chronotherapeutic formulation in clinical practice to increase the efficacy of drug. This formulation can be a promising formulation if it is preclinicallly and clinically assessed for its efficacy and may reduce the chance of early morning incidences of heart failure.The technology used for the preparation of press-coated tablet of carvedilol is a relatively simple manufacturing process which can be easily adopted in industrial units on a commercial scale.We conclude that chronomodulated drug delivery using a press-coated approach may be a promising alternative in controlling early-morning hypertension surge, when administered at bedtime to patients suffering from hypertension. However, the in vivo assessment of lag time and drug release in...
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