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Essentials of Research: A Mini Guide   Mona Semalty and Ajay Semalty

Essentials of Research: A Mini Guide

116 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Research is not just a job or group of tasks. It is a passion and a commitment to give your best for the sustainable development of Science and the humanity............. The book provides basic know-how's for researchers. The book is divided in 12 chapters which cover all the basic aspects of research. Planning, executing, reporting, documenting and presenting the research work is well illustrated in the book in a very simple and effective way. The book is a ready reference of basics of doing research in a very effective way. Not only the technical aspects of laboratory research but also the psychological aspects like communication with supervisor, body language, field/empirical studies and presentation skills have also been given in sufficient detail. The appendices provide some very vital information on helping tools in research like list of funding agencies, journals and analytical service providers. The book is very useful for all Pharmacy, Chemistry and Other Life Science...
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