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Impact of Regulatory Environment on Pharmaceutical Industry   Monika Sabharwal,Shashi Alok and Preeti Bohra

Impact of Regulatory Environment on Pharmaceutical Industry

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Managing international regulatory affairs is amongst the most critical aspects of developing and marketing pharmaceutical product(s) for the global life sciences industry. Any mistake, no matter how minor, can delay product(s) approvals, manufacturing, launches, or cause widespread public relations disasters. The real challenges are the inability to meet stringent regulatory, clinical and safety requirements of national authorities. Failure rates are very high in drug(s) discovery and development. The cost of failure gets added to the cost of successful medicinal product(s), which get to the market. Therefore, an update with changing regulatory requirements is essential for successful marketing of pharmaceuticals in multi-markets. The research problem in hand is to study ‘Impact of Regulatory Environment on Pharmaceutical Marketing’; leading to why marketing activities in a pharmaceutical are different than other industries. The detailed study of Impact of Regulatory Environment...
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