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Impact of Antibiotic Cycling on Antibiotic Resistance and Utilization   Salah Ibrahim,Idris Babiker and Sania Shaddad

Impact of Antibiotic Cycling on Antibiotic Resistance and Utilization

232 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Antibiotics resistance is one of the biggest challenges facing global public health. In the past sixty years, many classes of antibiotics have been developed, but duration of benefit appeared to be limited: resistance has emerged to every antibiotic class. Antibiotic resistance seriously hampers treatment of infections and leads to increased length of stay, morbidity, mortality and healthcare costs, both in hospital and community settings. In the era of increasing bacterial resistance and in the absence of new effective antibacterial drugs, it is necessary to use the currently available agents optimally and appropriately. The inexorable increases in antibiotic resistant rates have led to calls for reduction in the levels of inappropriate antibiotic prescribing, and to improve treatments protocols to maximize the life span of these drugs. While the expected outcomes is clear, the process by which is to be achieved is not. Of the interventions designed to reduce antibiotic resistant...
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