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Development of oral mucosal Mucosal Drug Delivery For Motion Sickness   Hitesh Patel and Madhabhai Patel

Development of oral mucosal Mucosal Drug Delivery For Motion Sickness

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The work is planned for the removal of problem during motion Sickness especially in case of immediate and long term treatment is required.The work was focus for the development of single dosage form application for both fast and slow release action.The formulation can also be kept in to consideration of further clinical trials for their final approach. The commercial viability of the dosage form can be made very easy by conventional approach of manufacturing.The Scopolamine Hydrobromide was used a drug for the therapeutic effect. The film were prepared with different polymer to develop the best suitable approach for the development of novel drug delivery systems.The formulation can also be kept in future development by modifying several parameters.The project was planned for the patient convenience in terms dosage form intake and its dosing reduction with desire drug effect.
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