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Modern Trends of Medicinal Plants Research   Munish Garg

Modern Trends of Medicinal Plants Research

368 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The research on medicinal plants has witnessed a leap change in past few decades. New technologies in the field of extraction, isolation, phytochemical and biological screening enable faster evaluation of the safety and efficacy profile of a plant or its bioactive compounds. Since, the use of medicinal plants has a great future potential, it becomes necessary to keep a professional updated with new information and trends about the new technologies. Present book is written with an objective to provide current research profile on key topics of medicinal plants. The content of this book is comprehensively collected from reliable scientific sources to present an authentic picture on the subject with possible future scope. The book will definitely be very useful for the students, academicians and researchers working in the field of medicinal plants research.
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