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Pharmacognostic study of Silybum marianum   Mohammed Sabir

Pharmacognostic study of Silybum marianum

156 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the last few decades, research trends in drug discovery were directed towards exploring nature for molecules that possess potentials in combatting free radicals, thereby shielding the living organs from their catastrophic effects. Plant kingdom contributes to modern medicine with the majority of such bioactive molecules and served as targets for research studies. Kurdistan-region of Iraq is a virgin land that embraces many wild plants that has not been yet screened; however, many of these are used by herbalists, Milk Thistle is an example. A lot of studies were conducted on this plant worldwide, but this study was the first in the region to isolate the flavonolignans in the seeds of Silybum marianum and evaluate its free-radical scavenging actions on animals. The study was done on specimen of the wild plant seeds collected in the region and subjected to a sequence of chemical and physical procedures that enables the isolation of the flavonolignans isomers, biological evaluation for...
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