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Polypharmacy in Pakistan   Atta Abbas Naqvi and Ken McGarry

Polypharmacy in Pakistan

104 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Polypharmacy is plaguing the medical community the world over and a concern for health care professionals and patients as well. Recognized in late 1950's, countries around the globe are relentlessly improving their health care system and work force to combat this issue. Debatable in terms of its definition, the issue is considered as a cause of concern and the developed countries formulate guidelines and recognize pharmacists as the ones who are responsible to tackle the problem. Pakistan is a developing country located in South Asia and with an incapacitating health care system and increasing population that adds to the health burden on the struggling health care system, the country could not afford to target the issue of polypharmacy since it could not shift its focus from combating communicable diseases and polio. The work force never acknowledged the problem of polypharmacy in the country and the role a pharmacist can play in promoting good clinical practices. During the last...
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