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Benzimidazoles A Review   Srikanth Lingala and Raghunandan Nerella

Benzimidazoles A Review

80 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Medicinal chemistry, an evolving and interdisciplinary field, is the study of therapeutically active compounds. The very fact that Benzimidazoles are potential synthons for building synthetically a variety of chemical systems known for their broader biological and pharmacological applications. It is interesting to note that the important benzimidazole moiety is yet to be explored both synthetically and biologically in conjunction with several other biologically prominent heterocyclic systems, inspite of the extensive work reported so far on benzimidazoles by various research workers. Therefore, keeping in view of work done by the research workers in developing new benzimidazole derivatives with varied biological activities as the main objective, the present project has been aimed at providing concise information of benzimidazoles suitable for those carrying research work for their Postgraduate and Ph.D. degree.
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