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Quality control of Herbal Medicines – A Current View   Ramalingam Peraman

Quality control of Herbal Medicines – A Current View

64 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With reference to the increasing awareness of toxicity and side effect of modern medicine, the attraction of patients towards ancient medicine has begun. In connection with availability of various traditional medicines like ayurvedic and herbal products in the market, many pharmacopoeias’ monograph has included ayurvedic/herbal product as official products. But due to the exception of regulatory requirement, quality of available herbal medication is quite questionable. Hence this chapter deals with the various quality aspects, view of herbal products and regulatory issue at global perspective. This chapter discusses about the various components of herbal products standardization hurdles and needs with reference to the current view of modern medicine and their quality system. This material provides the procedure for standardization by the use of illustrative example of crude drug standardization. This book provides overall view on current scenario after the inception herbal research...
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