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An approach to antidiabetic herbal drug Diospyros Melanoxylon   Vikash Gupta,ANKIT ANAND KHARIA and Shweta Gupta

An approach to antidiabetic herbal drug Diospyros Melanoxylon

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Health is a basic precondition for happiness and progress in the life of an individual as well as a community. Quality health care is the lifeline for the growth of any nation. We are undergoing a global health crisis characterized by mounting inequities within and between countries. Despite the tremendous medicinal advances and increasing average life expectancy, there is disturbing evidence of rising disparities in health status among people. We are frantic with worry as there is no cure in sight for AIDS so far. But then; what about diabetes?1 Which is said to be common problem, which has serious consequences. Diabetes mellitus is a silent disease and is now recognized as one of the fastest growing threats to public health in almost all countries of the world2. It has been incapacitating people for a long time but it has eluted a cure for many decades now.
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