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Anthelmintic activity of Zanthoxylum armatum seeds   Dinesh Mehta and Rina Das Mehta

Anthelmintic activity of Zanthoxylum armatum seeds

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
World is endowed with rich wealth of medicinal plants. Herbs have always been the principle form of medicine in India and presently they are becoming popular throughout the developed world as people strive to stay healthy in the face of chronic stress and pollution and to treat illness with medicines that work in concert with body’s own defences. Helminthic infections continue to be major health hazard of people, especially those living in tropical developing countries. Current estimates suggest that over half of the world population is infected with intestinal helminths, such as Ascaris, hookworms, Trichuris, Enterobius, Strongyloides, and tapeworms, and that most of these infected people live in remote rural areas in the developing countries. Among different medicinal plants of IHR, Zanthoxylum (family: Rutaceae) is one of such genus which possess high medicinal, economical as well as ecological importance and have about 250 species spreading all over the world. In India Here...
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