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Pharmacological Evaluation of some Antiasthmatic Herbs   Rahul Shirole and Nitin Shirole

Pharmacological Evaluation of some Antiasthmatic Herbs

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Asthma affects 300 millions of people worldwide, including 50% adults and at least 80% of children, raising more concern in developing countries. The current therapy produces only symptomatic and temporary relief and is associated with adverse reactions. This entails a need for an effective therapy that can offer better therapeutic benefits with lesser side effects. The current focus on new treatment is based on cellular pathways to resolve asthma. This book is for B. Pharmacy, M. Pharmacy and Ph.D students, an ideal compendium for the introductory evaluation of Pathophysiology, Pharmacology of asthma, simple mechanistic screening methodology for the evaluation of drugs. This book eases that burden with its lucid explanation of underlying concepts in a lively manner. Each chapter builds on a strong foundation of functional areas related to pharmacology of asthma. Pharmacotherapy for the asthma is classified rationally. Difficult concepts are simplified in the form of...
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