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Oral film of Haloperidol   Shailesh Prajapati,Kiran Rangapadiya and Chhaganbhai Patel

Oral film of Haloperidol

56 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Oral route is most preferred route by medical practitioners and manufacturer due to highest acceptability of patients. About 60 percentage of all dosage forms available are the oral solid dosage form.The lower drug bioavailability, long onset time and dyspepsia patients turned the manufacturer to the parenterals and liquid orals formulation. But the liquid orals have the problem of accurate dosing and parenterals are painful drug delivery, so most patient incompliance with these type of drug delivery. Fast dissolving oral films are the most advanced form of oral solid dosage form due to more flexibility and comfort. It improve the efficacy of APIs by dissolving within minute in oral cavity after the contact with saliva without chewing and no need of water for administration. It gives quick absorption and instant bioavailability of drugs due to high blood flow and permeability of oral mucosa is 4-4000 times greater than that of skin. This book focus on design and development of oral...
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