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Pharmacological Studies On Hygrophila difformis   Sourav Ghosh,ARVIND KUMAR and Vaishali Singh

Pharmacological Studies On Hygrophila difformis

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
India has a rich heritage of knowledge on plant based drugs used in traditional system of medicine. A large number of plants and remedies were pharmacologically tested and useful data was generated for development of therapeutic agents. Scientists are searching newer avenues and material for drug development and for that they are search for new medicinal plants, which are till date not have been exploited to their fullest extent (except traditional systems). The rich biodiversity of the tropical region all over the world have attracted scientific attention and tropical region of lower plane land of West Bengal is not an exception of that trend. Hygrophila difformis is a tropical plant, accordingly in our laboratory we have chosen this plant for the detail pharmacological studies to fulfill our quench of thirst and to reveal whether this plant could be utilized as an effective source for future medicine development. In the course of the investigation it was found that the methanolic...
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