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Hydrogel For Oral Mucositis   Praveen Kumar Jain and M. L. Kori

Hydrogel For Oral Mucositis

140 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
As mucositis represents a significant clinical, and importantly, economic burden in oncology and stem cell or bone marrow transplantation. The aim of this study is to develop mucoadhesive system that can deliver the drug in the buccal cavity in effective concentration for prophylaxis and or treatment of oral mucositis. For this purpose hydrogel of L-glutamine with different polymer is prepared. It is crucial that the carrier gel matrix preserve physical and mechanical integrity. Mechanical stability of the gel is, therefore, a significant consideration when scheming a therapeutic system. The main benefit of hydrogel formulation is that it hold dose, which is adequate for therapeutic effect as it is positioned directly on the site of mucositis. Moreover this hydrogel is very tolerable and comfy because it is non-irritant and may be chosen over other adhesive dosage form in terms of flexibility, capability and protective to wounded or inflamed surfaces.
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