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Preparation of Ophthalmic Drops for the treatment of Glaucoma   Upendra Nagaich and Jaya Nagaich

Preparation of Ophthalmic Drops for the treatment of Glaucoma

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The present work related to create smaller eye drops of glaucoma medications of the drug Timolol Maleate by reducing the dropper tip design. Most ocular diseases are treated with topical application of eyedrops. After instillation of an eyedrop, typically less than 5% of the applied drug penetrates the cornea and reaches intraocular tissues, while a major fraction of the instilled dose is absorbed and enters the systemic circulation. The low capacity of the precorneal area resulting in an optimal drop volume of about 20 µL and the risk of adverse systemic effects of drugs due to systemic absorption via the nasal mucosa. The present work is carried by reducing the dropper tip by inserting glass capillary. The drop sizes of different marketed products analyzed with the present formulations and the concentrations of drug in each drop analyzed and compared for the monthly and annually cost of medications.
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