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Colloidosomes a drug delivery   Parthibarajan Ramanathan and Rubina Richeal

Colloidosomes a drug delivery

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
colloidosomes are one of the vesicular controlled drug delivery systems used as encapsulating agent with endless application in biomedical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries with strong interest in encapsulation and controlled release in the field of drug delivery, cosmetic delivery, food delivery, LCD display devices, polymer blends, paints, catalytic material or even living cells.Colloidosome is prepared in the expanded gel state. By entraining the drug in the particle core and permits the drug release by particle expansion upon cooling. A similar effect may be achieved by altering the pH.Colloidosomes is a novel class of microcapsules whose shell consists of coagulated or fused colloid particles at interface of emulsion droplet. The particles self assemble on the surface of droplets in order to minimize the total interfacial energy forming colloidosomes. Such structures were produced by tinplating latex particles adsorbed on the surface of octanol-in-water emulsion ...
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