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Liquid filled capsule dosage form   Mangesh Bhutkar and Dr Adhikrao Yadav

Liquid filled capsule dosage form

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Until the advent of soft gelatin capsules there were no significant changes in capsule manufacturing. Then it became a trend for liquid substances to be filled into soft gelatin capsules and hard gelatin capsules were allocated for dry fill only. However, the filling of molten or thixotropic liquids into hard gelatin capsules is more advantageous when compared to liquid filled soft capsules and may be employed to overcome a number of problems which are frequently associated with the development and manufacture of conventional capsules. This book highlights the basis for development of liquid filled capsule dosage form and focuses light on utility of capsule shells made up from gelatin and Chitosan for liquid filling. It also contributes to ascertain that hard capsules may be used for delivery of Vitamin E and may act as a suitable alternative for soft gelatin capsules. The findings are fruitful for the researchers to compare the utility of hard capsules for...
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