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Herbs In New Era Of Cosmaceuticals: Opportunity And Challenges   Ashutosh Pareek,Divya Goswami and Mahendra Singh Ashawat

Herbs In New Era Of Cosmaceuticals: Opportunity And Challenges

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In last few decades interest of researcher and peoples were augmented in cosmetics. Harmful effect of chemicals used in cosmetic preparation gives rise to herbal products in cosmetology. Unlike chemical based products, herbs are by nature more friendly to human body and therefore are completely safe, extremely effective and have almost no negative side effects. They are used in cosmetic for enhancing attractiveness and cleaning purpose. Beside this the standardization of the herbs and quality control of the herbs are very necessary in the cosmetic. Hence the book focuses on the potential of herbal extract for cosmetic purpose. More sophisticated formulation containing herbal extracts are expected to appear in the future as cosmetic and various challenges which may affect quality of herbal products. It also enlightens various compendia’s standardization techniques which effectively control the quality of herbal cosmetics.
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