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Anaemia Among Pregnant Women At Mehsana District In India   Devanshi Chaudhari,Bhoomika Patel and Jigna Shah

Anaemia Among Pregnant Women At Mehsana District In India

52 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In India, anaemia is the second most common cause of maternal deaths, accounting for 20% of total maternal deaths. Apart from the risk to the mother, it is also responsible for increased incidence of premature births, low birth weight babies and high perinatal mortality. The present study was carried out to study prevalence of anaemia amongst pregnant women and socio-demographic factors associated with anaemia in pregnancy. A cross-sectional study was carried out at General Hospital, Visnagar in Mehsana district. A total of 139 pregnant women with gestational period between 12-20 weeks were registered. Haemoglobin level, age, education, religion, caste, income, type of family, age at first pregnancy, birth interval and number of abortions and history of abnormal bleeding were recorded of all the participants. More than 89.93% prevalence of anaemia (Hb <11 gm/dl) was observed. The prevalence of severe anaemia was found significantly higher in those with age ...
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