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Determination of Drug Levels in Chylomicrons   Chandani Rupasinha

Determination of Drug Levels in Chylomicrons

100 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book provides experimental details of the subject on drug levels in isolated chylomicrons. The biochemistry of edible oils, their digestion, absorption and metabolism in relation to chylomicrons loaded with the drug are discussed. The focus is to capture nascent chylomicrons as they are discharged into blood stream via thoracic duct and to determine the drug concentration in chylomicrons rather than in whole plasma. Chylomicrons exists in plasma as a temporary compartment in the first hour or so following a fat meal. The book contains many figures, tables and flow charts for easy comprehension and enhanced reading pleasure. Liver by pass is important in reconsidering new drugs that had failed initial trials due to first pass liver toxicity in addition to well established benefits.
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