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Advanced method for synthesis of Potent Coumarin Derivatives   Vishal Shah,Nutan Shah and Pramodkumar Shirote

Advanced method for synthesis of Potent Coumarin Derivatives

88 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Pharmacological effect of a drug is based on the structural features of drug. Often subtle change in structure of a drug leads into markedly changes in the Pharmacological effect of drug. Means for a molecule to act as a drug, it is necessary that various atoms should be placed in the perfect position. Heterocyclic compounds represent an important class of biologically active molecules. Among the heterocyclic compounds, Coumarin and coumarin-related compounds have proved to have significant therapeutic potential. Initially they were came from a wide variety of natural sources and now a day’s new Coumarin derivatives are being discovered or synthesized on a regular basis. This book gives brief idea about an advanced method for the synthesis of certain biologically active Coumarin derivatives.
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