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Anti cancer activity of synthetic coumarin derivatives on Hep2 cells   Rajesh Patel and Natvar Patel

Anti cancer activity of synthetic coumarin derivatives on Hep2 cells

176 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Coumarins are naturally occurring benzopyrene derivatives have been identified from natural sources, especially green plants. The pharmacological and biochemical properties and therapeutic applications of simple coumarins depend upon the pattern of substitution. The coumarins have attracted intense interest in recent years because of their diverse pharmacological properties. Among these properties, their cytotoxic effects were most extensively examined. Moreover coumarins have simple structure with least toxicity made them first choice to select for biological screening. The research work was designed based on the research findings reported in various literatures supporting the anti oxidant,anti cancer and antimicrotubular activity of courmarin compounds derived from substitution at different position of coumarin scaffold. From literatures, it showed that coumarins with substitution at 4th and 7th position with various substituents like –OH,...
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