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Comparative study of Safety of Iron Salts in Anemia during Pregnancy   Amish Gandhi and Nikita Gandhi

Comparative study of Safety of Iron Salts in Anemia during Pregnancy

136 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Anemia, the most common hematologic abnormality. Anemia in pregnancy is very common in pregnant women in India. The prevalence of anemia in pregnancy is about 30 %, in India Specially in South Gujarat region, incidence is around 60–80% of women suffering from. Some of the risk factors are involved to lead them to Anemia. During the Pregnancy and specially in the second trimester the iron requirements from the mother is increasing more in compare to the other trimesters due to the baby developed very fast during this trimester. Iron requirements become more at that time and mother cant optimize the Iron from the meal and other products, so its necessary to provide iron salts at this stage. The Iron salts have some of the Adverse Effects and that can affect to the mother and their Baby. So it should be effective and safe at the time of prescribing. The same study is done here and prove that the Folic acid + Ferrous fumarate group is safe and effective than the other two groups like...
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