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Nasal Drug Delivery   Basavaraj Nanjwade and Kemy A. Parikh

Nasal Drug Delivery

168 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Microsphere carrier systems made from the biodegradable polymers have attracted considerable attention for several years in sustained drug delivery. However, the short residence time at the site of absorption could be overcome by coupling bioadhesion characteristics to microspheres and developing bioadhesive microspheres with the help of bioadhesive polymers. Neostigmine Bromide – a cholinesterase inhibitor is widely used for the treatment of Myasthenia Gravis. It is presently marketed in conventional dosage form as a tablet in usual strength of 15-30 mg for peroral route. Extent of absorption of drug through oral route is only 1-2% of 30 mg of administered dose. Hence there is need of novel nasal drug delivery system for the treatment of Myasthenia Gravis. To overcome inherent drawbacks associated with conventional dosage forms of Neostigmine Bromide, an attempt is being made in the present research work to develop an alternative drug delivery system in the form of Nasal mucoadhesive...
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