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Asymmetric Membrane Capsule- An Osmotic Approach   Sandipkumar Teraiya,Shrujal Patel and Bhargav Jayswal

Asymmetric Membrane Capsule- An Osmotic Approach

156 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The aim of this study was to demonstrate that the asymmetric membrane capsule can be used to deliver a poorly water soluble drug with a pH sensitive solubility such as gliclazide. In order to obtain the desired delivery duration, the drug was solubilized with the use of a pH-controlling excipient. The capsule wall membrane was made by a phase inversion process, in which asymmetric membrane was formed on glass mold pins by dipping the mold pins into a coating solution containing a polymeric material followed by dipping into a quench solution. This study evaluates the influence of coating formulation that was cellulose acetate (CA), ethylcellulose (EC), and plasticizer (glycerin and PEG 600). Results show capsule that made by CA with glycerol and PEG 600, which appear in asymmetric structure and are able to release gliclazide(GLZ) in significant percentage.Based on the result, influence of core formulation variables, including D-mannitol, sodium bicarbonate and the added amount of SLS...
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