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Treatment of Bone Fractures and Joint Injuries: External Fixation   Oganes V. Oganesyan

Treatment of Bone Fractures and Joint Injuries: External Fixation

175x245 350 страниц. 2006 год.
BKL Publishers
Posttraumatic deformities of the extremity joints resulting from various injuries of the locomotor system are rather common. Treatment of joint injuries is accompanied by the contrary activity of a physician. On the one hand, the injured tissues require a prolonged rest for healing, but on the other early movements are necessary to restore normal function of the joint. Movements in the joint maintain physiological muscle tension; they prevent muscle atrophy, formation of adhesions, obliteration of the joint slit, ossification of the joint tissues, and normal blood circulation in tissues. Movements prevent contracture of the joint and mutual pressure of the articular ends. Traditional methods of surgical treatment of joints do not allow for restoring their shape and functions simultaneously. To provide the restoration of both the shape and function of the injured joints at the same time, we jointly with M.Volkov developed an original method of treatment by means of hinged...
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