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Implant supported overdentures   Vishwas Bhatia and Garima Bhatia

Implant supported overdentures

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Till about three decades ago conventional complete as well as removable partial dentures was the only option to restore lost teeth , except for the short span edentulous areas where fixed partial dentures could be given . There have been various types of implants and different materials which have been used in past without much success.The development of titanium implants has been a major breakthrough in dental implantology.Conventional dentures have many disadvantages .Retention ,stability and support leave much to be desired in these dentures.Moreover a large area coverage is required.This adversely affects mastication ,phonetics and the appreciation of taste.Introduction of the concept of osseointegration using titanium implants was a major breakthrough in the field of implant dentistry .The retention ,stability and support could be vastly improved.Such overdentures occupy much less space.Implant denture is a far better choice than a removable conventional denture.The book gives an...
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