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The Hydrocolloids - A comparative Evaluation of Dimensional Accuracy   Dr Harpal Singh,Dr Hinna Bains and Dr Jasjit Kaur

The Hydrocolloids - A comparative Evaluation of Dimensional Accuracy

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
HYDROCOLLOIDS - An important and integral part of dentistry.They are basically of two types - Agar and Alginates, and are use for various procedures in dentistry.Being a cheap and a good material,a lot of companies are try to improve its properties. With the market flooding every day with new products claiming far more superiority than original ones,this study was planned with the objective to check how far the regular and improved alginates are dimensionally accurate as compared to elastomers. For this the accuracy level was checked in micrometers with the help of a Profile Projector Microscope.A detailed research on dimensional accuracy is presented in this book.
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