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Responding to the Impact of HIV in Tigray, North Ethiopia   Atakelti Abraha and Asmelash Kahsay

Responding to the Impact of HIV in Tigray, North Ethiopia

84 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
I am indebted to Tigray Government for the support and My wife for being very supportive and her patience during my study. The prevalence of HIV is high with visible impact in a recently starting the struggle to overcome poverty. The effort to combat the impact of HIV have no equal attention to other developmental activities. Governmental organizations have little attention in mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in the planning process and/or during implementation. Non Governmental organizations and civil society organizations are few in number and financially weak, coordination for NGO’S and community organizations have duplication of interventions and concentration in geographical distribution, Poor surveillance, research and reporting system. Local Community based organizations like “EQUIB”,“MAHIBER” and Civil associations like Women association and youth association are not contributing their share.
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