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Patients, carers and nurses: collaborators in development   Louise Hickman

Patients, carers and nurses: collaborators in development

304 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Globally the population is ageing and as a consequence people are living longer with multiple chronic conditions. A range of factors, including decreased lengths of hospital stay and a greater focus on community based care, has lead to an increasing acuity of patients admitted to acute care settings, many with complex care needs. To date, models of nursing care in acute settings have been configured to focus on acute, procedural care and do not meet the unique needs of the older person. In order to ensure optimal health outcomes of older hospitalised people, nursing care needs to be responsive to the priorities and needs of patients and their families. This study sought to collaboratively develop a model of nursing care with nurse clinicians to improve the care of older people in the acute care setting. Model development was driven by an action research framework, using evidence-based principles and a comprehensive needs assessment. A three phased, mixed method design was embedded...
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