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SGSONOA: The New Technique   Kriselda Manzano

SGSONOA: The New Technique

80 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This manuscript aspired to generate a health-teaching approach that will provide an efficient and effective intervention to promote independence to those with visual impairment. The study combined two techniques of health teaching called Sighted Guidance on Spatial Orientation and Non-Optical Aids (SGSONOA) in improving the visual functioning of visually impaired adults with glaucoma. The author understands that an adult with visual impairment needs a ‘unique'' way of learning since their sense of vision, which is necessary for acquisition of knowledge, is affected. It is believed that the visually impaired person can achieve a certain degree of independence even without the full-time assistance from a sighted guide. Currently, sighted guide techniques require the sighted person to stay with the visually impaired person most of the time. The result of the study presents a new approach that can increase the level of visual functioning of the adults in terms of the three domains...
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