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A prospective insight : COPD as potential risk factor for CVS disease   Akriti Chahar and Vatsal Chhaya

A prospective insight : COPD as potential risk factor for CVS disease

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This publication unleashes the 4th ranked culprit causing number of deaths-COPD- worldwide.The idea also matches to one of the same current ongoing researches at Auckland Bioengineering Institute,New Zealand.It is the common observation that symptoms of respiratory disease are not paid careful attention.Eventually the exacerbation takes place leading to its effect on CVS. This book represents also the method with can be employed while undergoing through research project at very beginning level.So,it is useful for all those who are interested in being a real researcher.Also this book contains the appendices in order to give idea how the project was actually executed.We authors hope for the best guidance for the naive research students from this book and also wish the reader to develop their hidden talents through implementing similar researches with remarkable success.
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