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Nursing Care Plan   Joel Patalagsa

Nursing Care Plan

128 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
Nursing education is beset with challenges brought about by increasing complexities in providing health care as well as changing needs of stakeholders and consumers. The need to equip nurse graduates with basic patient care competencies necessitates that theoretical and clinical learning experiences be updated in order to keep abreast with these challenges. This book offers a solution to the difficulties encountered by nursing students in formulating and implementing their nursing care plans. An enhanced model is presented in order to provide direct to the point guides in developing and improving critical thinking and clinical decision making skills in each component of the nursing care plan. Holistic approach in providing safe and quality patient care is integrated. The nursing care plan scoring model should facilitate review by instructors and students on the completeness, appropriateness, relevance, use of evidence, and relatedness of the information presented by...
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