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Correlates of Missed Nursing Care in Medical Intensive Care Units   Manar Ahmed El Badawy,Magda A. Hamid and Yousria A. Salam

Correlates of Missed Nursing Care in Medical Intensive Care Units

236 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Missed nursing care MNC dangerously impacts on the staff nurse and patient outcomes as for example, units with higher rates of missed care and absenteeism had more dissatisfied staff nurses with intention to leave in addition, the missed care aspects have been correlated with patients’ outcomes such as falls, medication errors, bed sores and nosocomial infections. The research was conducted to determine the correlates of MNC at six selected medical intensive care units in EL Manial Specialized hospital and El Manial University hospital. The convenience sample of staff nurses working on the six units who took a daily patient assignment and provided direct patient care, has more than one year experience in their worked units and accepted to participate in this research. Data were collected by using two different methods as the modified MISSCARE self reporting questionnaire and missed nursing care observational checklist. Results concluded that there was a significant difference between...
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