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Burnout Syndrome in Critical Care Nurses   Nickcy Mbuthia

Burnout Syndrome in Critical Care Nurses

324 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Burnout is reflected in pathological emotional depletion and maladaptive detachment that is a secondary result of exposure prolonged occupational stress. It is comprised of three dimensions, namely, emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and reduced personal accomplishment. Health care professionals are at very high risk of developing burnout. This can be attributed to the fact that health care professionals are directly and continuously involved with human beings in their professions, and the intensity of these relationships can create or amplify the possibility of developing stress-related symptoms. Burnout syndrome is becoming increasingly recognized as one of the most serious occupational hazards for nurses especially those who work in critical care units and acute care units. This book shows the prevalence of burnout in nurses working in the critical care unit in one of the hospitals in Kenya. It also gives an insight on what the nurses perceive as leading to the development of...
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