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The Role of the Clinical Nurse Manager in Ireland   Anne Flood

The Role of the Clinical Nurse Manager in Ireland

456 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Concerns related to the role of nurse managers in Ireland were identified by the Commission on Nursing who recommended a framework to address these concerns paying particular attention to the role of first line nursing and midwifery management. The combination of managerial functions and clinical/professional leadership required of first line managers calls for a significant level of managerial competence together with clinical credibility. Four functions of the first line nurse manager were identified as professional/clinical leadership, staffing and staff development, resource management and facilitating communication. It was further recommended that first line managers have management training before taking up a post and be required and supported in continuing to develop management skills which should operate in tandem with maintaining clinical credibility by being aware of changes in clinical practice. The Commission finally recommends that there be three grades...
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