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Nursing Documentation and its Communicability   Beatrice Bella Johnson

Nursing Documentation and its Communicability

132 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Quality patient information has been proven to enhance the quality of care patients receive, as well as the guarantee of their safety which is pivotal in health care delivery, . This is because information would be available to inform others and subsequently aid appropriate decision making concerning patient care. On the other hand, nurses being the professionals who spend twenty-four hours with the patients have a lot of information to capture from observation and patients’ care. Since Nursing Documentation provides a lot of information to guide decision-making,it needs to be efficient in order to be effective. This book analyses the effectiveness of nursing documentation as a communication tool among health professionals involved in patient care as well as exploits ways of improving upon its efficiency in a Ghanaian Hospital. Also the book serves as an empirical research base and provides insight into issues in nursing documentation and accordingly would inform the nursing...
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