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Integrated Basics of Community Health   Syed Ashraf

Integrated Basics of Community Health

288 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
From the very ancient time the knowledge of medicine was bifurcated into two i.e. Curative & Preventive medicines. Preventive aspect of the medicine is as important as curative medicine, that is why everybody say’s “Prevention is better than cure”. All the systems of medicine as well as primitive medicine emphasised the importance of Preventive feature. A good physician is not that who treat a patient well but who preserve the health of a person. Now, again in this century the significance has been given to this branch. That is why the term medical has been replaced by health. WHO also is working on the lines of health care instead of medical care. So, in short one can say that preventive, social and community medicine is half of the whole medicine. In this 1st edition of the book of Community health there are five chapters .This book is in the form of short notes or point wise keeping in mind the easy remembrance by undergraduate, postgraduate and allied professional. The large and...
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