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Myricaria eleganse Royle   Salimullah Khan

Myricaria eleganse Royle

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Throughout the ages, herbal medicines have been at the core of human struggle against illnesses. In the ancient civilization of China and Greece, people have been utilizing the healing properties of plants. Although the long-established traditional medicinal systems existing in China and India, have recorded much of their knowledge, including the use of many medicinal plants, in written text, ethno botanists and anthropologists have expressed alarm at the rapid loss of the knowledge of the traditional healers, particularly among the indigenous groups in the Neurotics. Pharmaceutical industries are currently conducting extensive research on plant material gathered from the rain forests and other places of the world for their potential medicinal value. This book is an attempt to explore the hidden properties of Myricaria eleganse showing promising results for developing new and more effective natural product based drugs for human health care in future.
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